Welcome to D. Green Storytelling

Our mission is to provide entertaining, energetic, and educational storytelling shows for children of all ages. We aim to increase the exposure to the performing art of storytelling through live entertainment that brings original story characters to life and creates engaging, exciting, and unique experiences for our audiences.

Great Storytellers use the time honored skills of storytelling to teach people about the world around them past, present, and future. Storytellers use their unique communication skills to transform stories and characters into engaging, entertaining, and teachable moments. Through the skilled use of interpretive speech, storytellers allow listeners to recreate the characters and situations in their own minds. Dramatic storytellers make the stories come alive.

Here’s what the experts are saying about Darlene’s stories…….

  • “Storyteller extraordinaire……Darlene Green made stories come alive during a performance for hundreds of parents and students.” (Virginia Beach City Public Schools Kaleidoscope Newsletter, April 2, 2015)
  • “Her vocal variety was so entertaining. It was really a living movie.”
  • “Watching Darlene perform was like attending a Broadway show.”
  • “Through her story, we saw her love of children and her enthusiasm for their learning; we saw how she interacts with them to encourage them.”
  • “Her great story opening made me want to sit up and listen.”

I am currently limiting my in person performances to events with 50 or fewer persons in attendance. Participants will need to practice social distancing. Audiences that are limited to family members, are not required to practice social distancing. Live interactive virtual shows are also available.


Your event or organization may qualify for one of our premium promotions or special discounts!


Proud member of NSN and VASA