Leaders are Readers Literacy Program

leadersRide on the bumpiest road in the world, become the owners of the greatest pumpkin in the universe, meet singing dogs, accessorize your holiday turkeys, make a secret sauce, solve mysteries and listen to an amazing assortment of characters that bring stories to life; that’s D. Green Storytelling! Experience all of this through a series of unique stories in about an hour.

Darlene’s engaging storytelling assemblies are enthusiastic, energetic, thrilling and like the experience of being on a roller coaster ride. As a kindergarten teacher, she makes a special connection with children of all ages. D. Green Storytelling creates stories and programs that are educational, entertaining, interactive and hilarious for children of all ages and their families. Those who have attended performances are actively engaged and have the “time of their lives!”

Through D. Green Storytelling, the lead performer, Darlene (the Storytelling Queen) focuses on 21st century learning skills. Her shows provide an opportunity for children of all ages to be creative thinkers, problem solvers and globally aware. Every child is a star that is actively engaged in a meaningful learning experience as he/she listens to and participates in the retelling of amazing stories written by Darlene. In addition, children and other audience members participate in choral and echo speaking and creative dramatics. Visit the videos page to see how engaged the audience members are while listening to Darlene.

Holiday Stories

holidaysDarlene has a variety of fun and unique stories that she wrote specifically for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwaanza, etc.  She would be delighted to present her “Hilarious Holiday Stories” to your young listeners as well as their families.  Contact Darlene and let her know what specific holiday you would like her to highlight in her show.

Special Events/Festivals

eventsMake your next festival truly ROYAL with the Storytelling Queen! Check out examples of hit programs from recent special events:

21st Century Storyland Express: 

Stories that challenge the audience to become creative/critical thinkers and problem solvers while having the most thrilling time of their life.

“I Believe In Me” Meaningful Messages:

Stories that promote self-confidence.   Children of all ages need to believe in themselves in order to have successful and meaningful lives and to make the world a better place.  We have a collection of stories that are excellent for a variety of organizations such as the Girl Scouts.  Contact us today with your specific requests and we will be happy to select the perfect storytelling show for your event!

“Hold On To Your Thinking Caps” Carpool:

The audience is having an incredible time increasing their reading skills while riding in this literacy carpool.  The Storytelling Queen is the driver and tells stories that give the audience an opportunity to practice story comprehension skills while increasing their reading levels.

“Golden Fairy Tales”

Our youngest literacy stars are amazed and engaged as they watch their favorite fairy tale characters come alive!  This is a popular package (for younger children) and can be purchased separately or in combination with another package (for older children).  Excellent choice for organizations that serve a variety of children within different age groups.

“Glorious Game Shows Galore”

Exciting and interactive games take place after the performance of each story.  Audience members are magically transformed to the set of a live taping of a game show, Story Retelling With The Stars, as they use their story retelling skills to compete in fun contests.  Good times and academic learning are in abundance.  Everyone is a winner.  Every child is a star!    This is a very popular and favorite activity for children of all ages and can be added to your package for a small fee

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