The Storytelling Queen Consistently Entertains Children of All Ages


The best description of what a children’s storyteller does is, simply, to provide live entertainment for children. Authentic children’s storytellers use a variety of techniques to magically bring stories to life, which include but are not limited to the spoken word. For example, although talking is the primary method used in my storytelling shows, it is not my only tool. I entertain children using dramatic interpretations of different characters, alternating voices, singing, and movement, which often includes dancing. Props, puppets, and costumes also may be used in my productions. Many have used the terms “actress” and “storyteller” interchangeably to describe my performances. For example, one parent, who had previously brought her children to an event, stated that I was “a great actress.” She then turned to her companion and informed him that, “Ms. Green is an amazing storyteller.” (Of course, I thanked her for the compliments.) Another description came from a parent that I encountered in a grocery store: She wanted to know when my next play would be because she wanted to bring her children to the show. (I was happy to provide her with that information.) Thus, she described the storytelling experience as both a play and a show.

Both of these descriptions are accurate because the best way for a storyteller to bring stories to life is to perform in the role of an actor/actress, while interpreting the personalities and movements of various characters. Thus, the audience is ultimately entertained. For example, when I recently performed at Lil’ Rascals Preschool and Daycare facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, the audience of two- to four-year-old children became well engaged with the show. I also performed for the five- to 12-year-old children who were just as engaged. These responses have a positive effect on me, which motivates me to perform at my highest level. While performing as the Storytelling Queen, I am proud to provide educational entertainment for children of all ages.

I feel a great sense of achievement when the parents who attend our shows turn off their cell-phones and/or other digital devices and listen as attentively as their children, which is important because they can continue to share their positive experiences by having conversations about the stories when the show is over. One parent, who had brought her 18-month-old son to the show, informed me that he usually was not quiet during these types of events (she was prepared to take him out of the facility if he started crying and had even thought about giving her tickets to another parent). However, she was pleasantly surprised by his reaction to the stories because he quietly watched the entire show and was “truly entertained.” The mom also stated that she enjoyed the presentation as much as her infant son did and would attend future events. The level of enjoyment is determined by one’s feelings of excitement and interest while watching the storytelling shows. How amazing that, even in this digital age of profound technology, we can form a link with our ancestors’ past by sharing the common experiences of enjoying entertainment and sharing information through storytelling. The company that I belong to, D. Green Storytelling, believes that every child is a star and should be treated like a prince and/or princess. We are honored to provide royal entertainment for all of our children.

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